Monkeypod Bougainvillea

Hanapepe, Kauai

From his window in Hanapepe, James could see the Bougainvillea covering the hillside. Planted by a local resident quite some time ago to beautify the community, today it grows wild, blanketing the hillside overlooking Hanapepe town.The Monkeypod Tree in the foreground, with its bonsai shape set against the brilliant backdrop of the Bougainvillea, is a tribute to the Japanese colour and design of the many woodblock prints collected by the Impressionists, Gaughin, Van Gogh and Monet. A unique colour balance is created by the contrast between the dark purple trunk, the branches and the blue-green of the leaves. Further balancing the composition is the splash of orange Bougainvillea, accented by the magenta, violet and red Bougainvillea. The original painting is 50" x 72" and is in a collection in Montreal, Canada.

30"x40" Limited Edition Embossed Serigraph

Edition of 293

Available with Deckled Edge or White Border printed on Art Vellum

Image shown is an actual photograph of a "hand painted" embossed Serigraph. Click on Image to enlarge.

Close-up detail photos available upon request

Price -$7,500.00 (without hand painting) Includes Custom Framing with linen liner and museum glass, Crating, Shipping, Insurance and Taxes to any US destination

Price - $6,500.00 Serigraph only, without hand painting or framing. Includes Shipping.