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Certificate of Authenticity - A Certificate of Authenticity is a verification to the purchase of art which becomes part of the provenance of the work. Certificates of Authenticity include the Artist Name, Title of the Artwork, Year of Completion, Dimensions, Medium and Statement by the Artist that states the authenticity of the artwork and relevant copyrights, and the signature of the Artist or Artists' Representative. All Original and Limited Edition works of art are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Hanapepe Valley

Mixed Media - Hanapepe Valley - Hand Painted Fine Art Graphic/Giclée on Canvas.

Giclée/Fine Art Graphic - The term Giclée is often misrepresented. The French term "Giclée" means spray of ink. The Giclée process of printing is a highly sophisticated digital inkjet printing process creating a product that has the look of an original. The medium can be either paper or canvas. The process of creating a Fine Art Graphic using the Giclée printing method begins with a superior quality digital scan of the original artwork, capturing the detail of each brush stroke along with the richness and accuracy of the tones of pigments used in the original painting.

Once the scan is prepared, the Fine Art Graphic/Giclée is printed with high quality archival inks with a lightfastness rating of up to 200 years on fine art acid free, archival quality photo rag paper or acid free archival cotton canvas. The choice of paper or canvas is carefully selected by the Artist to match each image.

This exciting era of printing technology has blended science and the arts to successfully design a new Fine Art Graphic. More importantly, today's technology offers unlimited access to our new series of Retrospective images of James' long and illustrious career. All Fine Art Graphics/Giclées are sold as an Open Edition.

Limited Edition - A Limited Edition has a fixed number of prints.The Artist chooses the number in the Edition before production. No more can be created after the Edition is sold out making the Limited Edition more valuable and collectible. Limited Editions are normally signed by the Artist and numbered to show the unique number of that Edition and the Edition size.

Hanapepe Spring & Gold Tree
Mixed Media - Hanapepe Spring - Hand Painted Fine Art Graphic/Giclée on Canvas

Mixed Media - Mixed Media Art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. All of James' Embossed Serigraphs, Serigraphs and Fine Art Giclées on Canvas are offered as a Mixed Media. Using a technique called Impasto, James hand paints his thickly applied oil/acrylic, each colour, one brush stroke at a time.

Open Edition - There is no limit to the amount of reproductions that can be create

Serigraph - A Serigraph is an original silk screen colour print. Serigraphy is one of the oldest forms of printing. The basic process remains the same today. An original piece of artwork is used as a master guide in creating a Serigraph. The first step in creating a Serigraph is to determine the number of colours in the original painting that is to be duplicated. A separate screen is created for each colour that is to be printed. A stencil is created for each colour and applied to the surface of the screen. The paint is squeezed through the areas of the screen not blocked by the stencil, onto the canvas or paper. Once the first colour dries the next colour can be applied. As each layer of colour is added, the serigraph becomes thicker and richer in colour and texture. The Serigraphy process of printing is tedious and expensive. In the case of a Limited Edition, the screens are destroyed when the Edition is complete and approved by the Artist so that no additional prints can be created.

Hanapepe Riverside
Hanapepe Riverside - Hand Painted Serigraph